2 Relaxing Days in Palm Springs

Known for its mid-century modern architecture and sunshine 350 days of the year. It’s home to retirees and one of the largest wind farms in California. It’s a short 90 minute drive from Los Angeles, and a great escape for a weekend. Palm Springs is the perfect spot for us to unwind. It was our first time and we brought our fur baby along. We stayed at small boutique rental, The Amado, renovated with mid-century designs and bohemian flare. It was absolutely adorable and our little four-legged loved it, too.

The Amado, Palm Springs

On our way from LA, we stopped by the Cabezon Dinosaur museum. Not much to do there except for snapping a couple of pics of the gigantic T-rex.

We decided to stop by Ice Cream & Shop[pe] on our way in. This is located in the newly built Arrive Hotel.

Ice Cream Shoppe, Palm Springs

For the rest of the day, we walked around Uptown and made it to Birba for dinner where we ordered the prosciutto and arugula pizza, kale salad and a bottle of red wine. Great ambience and very dog friendly.

After waking up from a very good night sleep, we headed back to Uptown to  the famous brunch spot, Cheeky’s.

Just 10 minutes after brunch, really dark clouds and thunder rolled in. We decided to drive around the Indian Canyons neighborhood and check out That Pink Door. Unfortunately, it rained for the remainder of the day so we ended just hanging out at our cute Airbnb.

That Pink Door

The next day we went back to Arrival for brunch then headed back to LA after a much needed relaxing few days. We loved our time in Palm Springs but we’ll have to be back the and pick the other 350 sunny days to stay.


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