4 Beautiful Days in Stockholm, Sweden

After a long 10-hour flight with Norwegian Air, jet-lagged and exhausted, we finally arrived in Stockholm. It was 11 AM ( 9-hours ahead from California) which means it is past our bed time and our eyes are barely open. Luckily, unlike our time at Heathrow Airport in London, we zipped through customs and got on the Arlanda Express to the city center. 

Stockholm welcomed us with beautiful weather as told by friends that it snowed just a week prior. We had a cute Airbnb in Soddermalm, a trendy neighborhood in Stockholm, and Ostermalm, a ritzy and modern area close to downtown. Our visit to this beautiful city was an amazing start to our Scandinavian/Europe trip.

Our 4-days in Stockholm was filled with local hangouts, stroll through parks and museums and of course, plenty of food. This city is quite charming and we hope to return one day.

Day 1 (Friday): Dinner with friends at Flying Elk, Walk through Mosebacke (outdoor bar and venue with partial view of the city), Sticky Nikki for delicious & sticky ice cream treat.


Sticky Nikki
Sticky Nikki for delicious & sticky ice cream treat

Day 2 (Saturday): Petrus Bakery for traditional Swedish pastry, Urban Deli for a breakfast buffet, then Rick Steves’ walking tour through Gamla Stam and ramen at Café Stiernan for dinner nearby. 

Eating Cinnamon Pastry
Petrus Bakery for traditional Swedish pastry
Gamla Stan
Old Town in Stockholm
Old Town Building
Gamla Stan

Day 3 (Sunday): Subway art tour all over Stockholm, lunch at Half and Kansen, explore downtown by foot and a traditional Swedish dinner with friends.

Meatballs at Half and Kansen
Lunch @ Half and Kansen
Pickled Herring, Anyone?
Traditional Swedish dinner with friends.

Day 4 (Monday): Vasa Museum, Lunch at Rosenthal Garden, visit Nordic Museum and Traditional Swedish Dinner at Prinsen.

Vasa Museum

Tulips at Rosenthal Garden
Lunch at Rosenthal Garden

Lunch at Rosenthal Garden

Almost better than Ikea
Traditional Swedish Dinner at Prinsen
Stockholm, Sweden
Beautiful city of Stockholm

More on what to do in Stockholm from these sites:


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