Falling in love with Norway through Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord

Our itinerary in Norway was planned around a 3-day tour in Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord through Nordic Ventures. After an amazing  4-day trip to Sweden, we were excited to embark on an outdoor adventure admiring the beautiful fjords in the western part of Scandinavia. 

To get here, we arrived from Oslo via train through the Norway in a Nutshell tour via train, ferry and bus where we stayed in Voss for one night prior to our camping/kayaking tour. We booked the popular Norway in a Nutshell trips directly with the help from this blog post and ended up saving a little less than $50/person.

Norway in a Nutshell
Oslo to Myrdal: NOK 449
Myrdal to Flam: NOK 360
Flam to Gudvangen (ferry): NOK 490
Bus from Gudvangen: NOK 115
Total (for 2 people): NOK 3032 (Compared to 3780 for NIN Tour)

NærøyfjordDSC02568.jpgKjosfossenWe arrived in Voss, a popular ski town in Norway, early evening and settled in our Airbnb. The weather all around the area was comfortable, in the 50s at night and high 70s during the day, with roughly 19 hours of sunshine and sunset at 11:30 PM.


IMG_3618.jpgWe were picked up in the center of Voss early morning and driven to Gudvangen, the basecamp for Nordic Ventures. After a short ride in a van of other travelers, we were greeted with light breakfast that includes caffeinated beverages and chocolate rolls. We arrived on a Thursday, barely missing the big crowd for the weekend. There were total of four: Daniel and I, an exchange student, and our tour lead.

Advised to get organize, we disassembled the contents in our travel bags and migrated a portion of our clothes onto waterproof bags that will fit into the cavities of our kayaks. Did not think it was possible but we managed to fit 3 days of gear, supplies, and clothes onto our tiny yellow and red floating devices. Off on the kayaks we go, venturing through Nærøyfjord towards our camping destination.Kayaking in NærøyfjordDSC02716.jpgOur camping spot, a remote beach spot with calm waters, is nestled perfectly with gorgeous view of two mountains surrounded by jumping fish, harbor seals and passing ferry. The thought of not showering for a few days is okay – this view is worth it.IMG_3697.jpgNærøyfjord Camp SpotDSC02717.jpg


It was a long and exhausting hike to top of the fjord where it took us 10 hours round trip, through unpaved path passing farmland and mountain side. The hike was extremely difficult, however rewarded with pristine sight of leftover snow at 1120 meters elevation and incredible views of the fjord. The scenery all around this part of Norway is nothing short of breathtaking.

Top of Nærøyfjord in Norway

Top of Nærøyfjord



Snow on top of Nærøyfjord


The final and last day of our 3-day adventure was concluded with more kayaking towards a small village, Undredal, along the Aurlandsfjord. These 3-days in the fjord was the most memorable part from our 2.5 weeks in Scandinavia. We saw hundreds of waterfall, kayaked over 15 miles through the mountains, and hiked up 12 miles to top of the fjord. It was an amazing experience and one that we will never forget.

UndredalWaterfall in the fjords

Undredal Town in Norway
Stave Church
Undredal Stave Church in Norway

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