Exploring Bergen and Stavanger in Norway

Bergen …

is a city for lovers. If Seattle and San Francisco got together, their child is Bergen. Surrounded by 7 mountains and fjords, Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway. Thanks to the tall mountains surrounding the city and heat capacity of the ocean, Bergen is known to have moderate weather compared to its neighboring cities. This said, precipitation is high with rain 240 days out of the year. Record shows 80+ days of consecutive rain – beat that Seattle! An umbrella or a rain jacket should be accessible at all times. As many locals would say, “There is no such things as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” 


We arrived in Bergen via bus from our camping and kayaking in the fjords. It’s roughly an hour and 40-minute ride via train. It’s enough to just wander and hike the trails all around Bergen. The weekend we arrived (5/26) happened to be the annual event of 7-fjellsturen where thousands of Norwegians run/hike/walk 22 miles through the 7 mountains in Bergen reaching high point of 2100 feet elevation. It’s a tradition organized by the Bergen Trekking Association since 1948, our Airbnb host even participated.

Besides hiking, there are also some great attractions to see. These are some of our favorites from the city of Seven Mountains.

Explore Bryygen (UNESCO Heritage Site)

Hanseatic Museum (far right)The old wharf of Bergen

Walk around the harbor, visit the Bergenhus Fortress and Fish Market (very touristy).

Bergen HarborDaniel at the Bergenhus Fortress

Take the Fløibanen funicular to Mount Fløyen. Ticket is about 45 NOK or $5.50 one way.

DanielMount Fløyen Signs

Get lost around Mount Fløyen and don’t forget to visit the Cashmere Goats or Fløyenguttene (The Fløyen Boys).

Obama the goat in the middle


Mount Fløyen Trail

We didn’t have enough time, but don’t miss …
Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen
Fantoft Stave Church
Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Stavanger …

is full of surprises. We arrived in this city after a short 40-minute flight via Norwegian Air. Stavanger, the oil capital and third most populous city in Norway, is home base to the famous Preikestolen, steep flat rock above the Lysefjorden; and Kjeragbolten, a big boulder suspended over 3,000 feet in between a crack.

We were here for 2 short days with just enough time to hike Pulpit Rock. To get to Preikestolen, we booked a package tour from Tide.no. It was about 320 NOK or $40/person. The price includes roundtrip ferry from Stavanger to Tau, bus from Tau to the Pulpit Rock.

DSC02930By the harbor in Stavanger

At 9:30 AM the next day, we boarded the ferry from Stavanger to Tau. Unfortunately for us, upon arrival to location we were welcomed with rain and fog. Disappointed but still determined, with a rain poncho purchased from the souvenir shop, we head up the slippery trail towards a 2-hour journey to the top. Even with the bad weather, we enjoyed the scenery and all the beauty Norway has to offer.

Start of trailHad to buy rain jacket at the souvenir shopHike up PreikestolenDaniel within the fogCold and foggy as hell!


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