Traveling as a hobby is an answer that everyone gives but only some have the time and luxury to do. Lucky for us, we’ve been blessed with flexible hours as I work in Digital Marketing and Daniel is a graduate student. We travel on a budget by mostly staying in accommodations through Airbnb and splurging for special occasions. There is so much to see and not enough spare time. When work and money allows, we try to get out of our comfortable 1-bedroom in Los Angeles, even for a short weekend to Santa Barbara. On road trips via car, we like to bring our furbaby along for the adventure. She, too, enjoy a good adventure. This is personal blog about our passion to travel and appetite to eat really good food.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria
Happiest when traveling.
Chilaquiles in Mexico City.
Hangover’s cure, breakfast of champions.


Countries Visited:
Indonesia, France, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria.


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